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Nurture the Spark of Discipleship

An Online Torah School for Young Disciples of Yeshua

A Small Spark Can Change The World

Our Story

Thousands of years ago the spark of discipleship was kindled in the hearts of twelve ordinary men. These small embers of devotion to God and to the work of His kingdom were nurtured by the teachings of Yeshua the Messiah. The fire of devotion and Kingdom work quickly spread throughout the world, changing it forever.

Today, we carry on the legacy of those early disciples and can, once again, sit at the feet of Messiah and learn from him. Sparks of Messiah Online Torah School provides a quality Torah education which will nurture and grow the ever-present spark of Messiah in each of his young disciples. Encouraging them to do mitzvot (good deeds), study Torah, learn from our sages and repair the world in anticipation of his Kingdom.

Classes for elementary, middle, and high school ages.

What’s New At Sparks of Messiah

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Fall Holidays Bootcamp

The fall holidays are coming up quickly and we are here to help get your kids ready! Join us for our Fall Holidays Bootcamp to learn the why and how of celebrating Rosh Hashanah, Yom Kippur and Sukkot! Get ready for some learning that is fun and faith building!

Introducing the Discipleship to Yeshua Learning Track

This fall, Sparks of Messiah classes will begin follow learning tracks, which will guide students through a comprehensive curriculum from PreK to 12th Grade.

The first learning track to be implemented is the Discipleship to Yeshua Learning Track. Explore the learning track, see what your kids will learn each year and sign them up for our 2020-2021 classes now!

Fall Semester Begins

October 4th

Explore our fun and faith building classes! Enroll and pay today to lock in the best price!

2021-2022 Classes

The Messianic Harvest

What does it mean to turn your eyes and hearts towards the fields, “for they have already turned white for the harvest”? What is the Messianic Era we are told to look forward to? How can the young disciple of Yeshua prepare for his return?

In this course young disciples will explore the early ministry of the Master and peer into the future kingdom of the Messianic Era. We will follow alongside Yeshua as we learn stories of his immersion, calling of his disciples, and the beginning of his work to heal those who are sick. We will learn about what to expect from our Master in the Messianic Era and why we strive and yearn to join him in tending the fields now.

Early Elementary (1st-3rd) Class

Full Year Class

Be Righteous!

“Don’t just look righteous, be righteous!” This is a difficult charge! It is so easy for disciples of Yeshua to play the part, look good for others but how do we internalize his teachings to transform from the inside out?

In this course students will study the teachings of Yeshua on developing the attitude and daily habits which will allow them to perform good deeds from a good and righteous heart. Students will learn about and practice the middot (character trait) of Yirah (fear of God) and follow Yeshua’s example of righteousness by studying the Gospel stories from when he calms the storm to his healing of the blind man in Mark 8.

Upper Elementary (4th-6th) Class

Full Year Class

To the Ends of the Earth

Are you ready to go to the ends of the Earth? Do you have what it takes to be a disciple of Yeshua? There is only one way to find out!

Join us for this course in which students will explore the teachings of Yeshua, the qualities and characteristics of discipleship, through many of the tougher teachings of the Sermon on the Mount. Each of the teachings will be discussed in depth, giving students a deeper understanding of the higher standard Yeshua has for his disciples, and their real world applications. Students will find inspiration in the parables Yeshua taught on considering the cost of discipleship.

In the second semester of this year long class, students will see how the very first disciples lived out the life of a disciple who has considered the costs and decided to follow Yeshua anyways. Studying the stories from Yeshua’s resurrection and ascension through the Apostalic Council in Jerusalem (Acts 1-15), students will encounter the weight of discipleship, learning that following Yeshua must come with determination and a willingness to be molded into vessels for God’s kingdom.

Jr. High (7th-9th) Class

Full Year Class

History of Modern Messianic Judaism

Do you like inspiring stories? Stories of courageous faith and those totally dedicated to discipleship?

If you said yes, then join us in discovering the individuals who blazed the trail and laid the foundations for the resurgence of the faith of the first century disciples, in what we know as modern Messianic Judaism. In this course, we will look back at significant people and events that shaped the course of the Messianic movement, bringing to life the ideas and teachings that still inspire and encourage us today. As we consider our past, we will also examine how it uniquely positions us to encourage reconciliation in Jewish-Christian relations and practical ways we can make an impact.

High School (10th-12th) Class

Fall Semester Only

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Scholarship Fund

Sparks of Messiah's philosophy is scholarships should empower families who might need additional financial support to enroll in our classes. We do not provide full scholarships because we want families to have a direct connection with the mitzvah of educating their kids. Instead, our scholarships are meant to ease the burden of financing the classes they wish to enroll in. Families tell us how much of the class tuition they are able to pay and we see if we can pay for the remaining cost as a scholarship if they meet our scholarship requirements.

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Sparks of Messiah Online Torah School's mission is to provide a quality Torah education that will nurture and grow the spark of discipleship in every young follower of Yeshua.