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Nurture the Spark of Discipleship

An Online Torah School for Young Disciples of Yeshua

A Small Spark Can Change The World

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Thousands of years ago the spark of discipleship was kindled in the hearts of twelve ordinary men. These small embers of devotion to God and to the work of His kingdom were nurtured by the teachings of Yeshua the Messiah. The fire of devotion and Kingdom work quickly spread throughout the world, changing it forever.

Today, we carry on the legacy of those early disciples and can, once again, sit at the feet of Messiah and learn from him. Sparks of Messiah Online Torah School provides a quality Torah education which will nurture and grow the ever-present spark of Messiah in each of his young disciples. Encouraging them to do mitzvot (good deeds), study Torah, learn from our sages and repair the world in anticipation of his Kingdom.

Classes for elementary, middle, and high school ages.

What’s Coming Up

Fall Semester Begins

September 1st

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Spring Semester Classes

Bad Arguments Against Religion

Today’s followers of Messiah are continually bombarded with sound-bites and social media memes that make fun of or come against their faith. This semester we’ll cut through the empty words, name-calling, and hollow arguments by learning how to examine religious, spiritual, and truth claims in the light of our rich spiritual heritage. If you’ve ever wanted to speak up for Messiah but were too afraid or didn’t know what to say, this class will help! We’ll equip you to think through issues critically and to respond in a peaceful way which will make a difference for our Messiah!

9th through 12th Grade

Bible Masters: Great Jewish Commentators

Join us as we learn about the lives and writings of the most important Jewish commentators on Tanakh. We will be making stops, throughout the major eras of Jewish history in exile, to sit at the feet of these Bible Masters, including Rashi in Medieval France and Ramban in Spain, along with many others. We’ll learn about the important styles of Jewish Bible interpretation, like midrash and gematria, and by the end of this class you will have made friends with many of the rabbis who penned the most revered commentaries on Tanakh. Come be a student of the Sages, and take in their life changing insights into God’s word.

6th through 8th Grade

Tehillim: Prayers of the Messiah

Tehillim (Psalm) are the lifeblood of Jewish prayer and have inspired generations of believers. In this fascinating and uplifting class, students will learn how to use Tehillim to connect with HASHEM. We will look at the stories which inspired these prayers, we will learn which Tehillim to use in different situations, bring out the beauty of the prayers and learn to engage in personal prayer through Tehillim. Start your kid on the road to a lifetime of prayer by enrolling them in this class today. Required text: ArtScroll Children's Tehillim https://amzn.to/35PkKRl

4th through 6th Grade

Partner Study: Pirkei Avot

Connect with the wider messianic community, connect with the wisdom of the sages and connect with the traditional method of partner study in this exciting, community building class. Join us as we learn the art of chavruta (partner study) while we go through a beautiful edition of Pirkei Avot (Ethics of Our Fathers). Hear the echoes of Yeshua’s teachings as we learn from the sages before him, his contemporaries and those who carried the light of Torah after the destruction of the Temple. We will be studying from the Living Lessons edition of Pirkei Avot, available at https://amzn.to/2PgimKZ

6th through 12th Grade + Parents/Guardians

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Scholarship Fund

Sparks of Messiah's philosophy is scholarships should empower families who might need additional financial support to enroll in our classes. We do not provide full scholarships because we want families to have a direct connection with the mitzvah of educating their kids. Instead, our scholarships are meant to ease the burden of financing the classes they wish to enroll in. Families tell us how much of the class tuition they are able to pay and we see if we can pay for the remaining cost as a scholarship if they meet our scholarship requirements.

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Sparks of Messiah Online Torah School's mission is to provide a quality Torah education that will nurture and grow the spark of discipleship in every young follower of Yeshua.