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Thousands of years ago the spark of discipleship was kindled in the hearts of twelve ordinary men. These small embers of devotion to God and to the work of His kingdom were nurtured by the teachings of Yeshua the Messiah. The fire of devotion and Kingdom work quickly spread throughout the world, changing it forever.

Today, we carry on the legacy of those early disciples and can, once again, sit at the feet of Messiah and learn from him. Sparks of Messiah Online Torah School provides a quality Torah education which will nurture and grow the ever-present spark of Messiah in each of his young disciples. Encouraging them to do mitzvot (good deeds), study Torah, learn from our sages and repair the world in anticipation of his Kingdom.

Classes for elementary, middle, and high school ages.

What’s Coming Up

Fall Semester Begins

September 1st

Explore our fun and faith building classes! Enroll and pay today to lock in the best price!

Fall Semester Classes

Ruth: Mother of Messiah

Expand your kid’s Tanakh education by signing them up for this in-depth look at the book of Ruth. Learn about the life of the ancestor of King David and our Master Yeshua! Your kids will delve deep into the text using Rashi’s commentary to discover insights they didn’t even realize were there! Don’t delay, sign up for this class today!

6th through 8th Grade

Parable Detectives

Parables have long been used to help teach important spiritual lessons. The problem today is that many modern disciples of Yeshua don’t understand them. That is all going to change when your kid signs up for the Parable Detectives class! In this class we will look at the parables of Yeshua and other Jewish sages to find the ‘clues’ to help decode the parable and unlock the important spiritual lessons. Enroll your kids today and set them on the path to becoming a certified Parable Detective! Yes, there will be badges!

4th through 6th Grade

Messiah & Mussar

Learn to understand Yeshua’s teachings in a whole new way as we connect them to the practice of Mussar and the teachings of the Mussar masters. Mussar is a system of insightful teachings and practices that guide us on our individual paths to reaching our spiritual potential. If you’re not familiar with Mussar, you may not realize that Yeshua is actually a Mussar master himself! This class will enrich your spiritual journey and your relationship with our Messiah.

9th through 12th Grade

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If you are passionate about reaching the next generation of Messianic Jews and Gentiles, consider donating to a specific need at Sparks of Messiah Online Torah School.

Scholarship Fund

Sparks of Messiah's philosophy is scholarships should empower families who might need additional financial support to enroll in our classes. We do not provide full scholarships because we want families to have a direct connection with the mitzvah of educating their kids. Instead, our scholarships are meant to ease the burden of financing the classes they wish to enroll in. Families tell us how much of the class tuition they are able to pay and we see if we can pay for the remaining cost as a scholarship if they meet our scholarship requirements.

If you wish to help these families, please donate to our Scholarship Fund:

*Besides the PayPal transaction fee, all monies are used exclusively for scholarships. You will notice payment will be to Behold! Messianic Jewish Education LLC, our parent company.

Sparks of Messiah Online Torah School's mission is to provide a quality Torah education that will nurture and grow the spark of discipleship in every young follower of Yeshua.

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