Our classes are live classes delivered through Zoom video conferencing software. This format allows for a high level of interaction between teacher and students. Students stay engaged and get the support they need.

Enrollment for Spring 2021 classes has begun! Act now to lock in the best price!

Spring 2021 Classes

Special Six Week Class for 1st-3rd Grades

Rising Like a Lion With Mr. Roman

First Class is Tuesday, November 3rd

Join me as we start the morning off right with some spirited singing and storytelling as we explore the life and teachings of Rabbi Yeshua, the weekly parsha, and more!

Students will receive recordings of the original songs taught in class for free!

Little Yeshua ben Yosef

Tuesdays, 5:00pm-5:45pm (Central Time)

1st through 3rd Grade

$240 Due 12/31/20

$168 Sale ends November 30th

Spring semester, payment plan available. Weekly class.

Most of us remember our Master’s miracles, his ministry, and his famous parables—but do you remember the extraordinary events that took place before his birth? In the Gospels we see miracles, angels sent by God, and hear great oracles all before Yeshua is even born! Join Mrs. Green as she brings these stories to life in this fun and faith-building class for 1st-3rd grade students!

Your kids will explore these unique events that lead to Yeshua’s birth and stories of his early childhood. Who was Zacharyah? Why did Yeshua’s parents have to flee from their home? What was King Herod afraid of? We will hopefully answer these questions and more as your kids travel back to where it all began—at the incense altar of the Holy Temple.

Whitney Green

Walking in the Garden of Faith

Tuesdays 7:00pm-8:00pm (Central Time)

9th through 12th Grade

$240 Due 12/31/20

$168 Sale ends November 30th

Spring semester, payment plan available. Weekly class.

One of the most important skills you will need in order to successfully walk through life is to understand the Creator’s purpose for every detail of your daily experiences. In this must take class, you will learn how everything which happens in your life is for a singular purpose: to bring you closer to the Creator. There is no bad, only seemingly bad. There is no coincidence, only the loving Creator orchestrating every moment of your life to bring you closer to Him. Start to walk in the garden of faith today!

Highly recommended but optional book: The Universal Garden of Emuna by Rabbi Shalom Arush

Jonathan Hughes, M.Ed.

Welcome to the School of Emuna (Faith)

Mondays 5:00pm-6:00pm (Central Time)

4th through 6th Grade

$240 Due 12/31/20

$168 Sale ends November 30th

Spring semester, payment plan available. Weekly class.

God orchestrates every detail of our lives, from the good to the seemingly bad, for the single purpose of bringing us closer to Him. In this class, students will learn to view every part of their lives through the lens of the three levels of emuna: 1) this is what the Creator wants 2) everything is for the best and 3) the Creator wants to bring me closer to Him. They will learn strategies to help them deepen their faith and see the good in every situation.

Required book: The Garden of Emuna For Young People by Rabbi Shalom Arush

Jonathan Hughes, M.Ed.

The Nations of Tanakh

Thursdays 7:00pm-8:00pm (Central Time)

6th through 8th Grade

$240 Due 12/31/20

$168 Sale ends November 30th

Spring semester, payment plan available. Weekly class.

The Nations of Tanakh will take you on a journey to discover the righteous among the nations surrounding the Land of Israel through time. Our journey starts with Abraham coming out of Ur and continues until we reach the time of the Master, Yeshua, who lived under Roman occupation. Not only will we become acquainted with their customs and interactions with Israel, but will highlight the righteous individuals from these nations. Who were they? What made them righteous? Why and how did they gain their mention and place in the Jewish scriptures and tradition? Through this study, insight will be gained into what it means to be a righteous person and to live as a Gentile among God’s people.

Max Vitullo

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