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Scholarship Application

Sparks of Messiah's philosophy is scholarships should empower families who might need additional financial support to enroll in our classes. We do not provide full scholarships because we want families to have a direct connection with the mitzvah of educating their kids. Instead, our scholarships are meant to ease the burden of financing the classes they wish to enroll in.


If your family might benefit from a scholarship, please fill out the application below. Tell us how much of the class tuition you are able to pay and we will see if you are eligible for a scholarship to pay the remaining cost.


Awarding scholarships is contingent on available money in our scholarship fund and meeting our scholarship requirements. We will contact you via e-mail once we have made a decision on your scholarship application. Partial scholarships can be awarded.


All information provided will only be used to determine eligibility for a scholarship and is strictly confidential.


If you have any questions please e-mail

To donate to the Scholarship Fund visit our donation page.

Parent Name:



Total Yearly Household Income (Gross):

Number of Household Dependents You Pay The Majority of Their Living Expenses For:

For each student applying for a scholarship, fill in their name, the class they wish to take and how much of the class tuition you can pay for. Current class prices can be found on the payment page.

Student Name:

Would Like To Enroll In:

Can Pay This Much of Class Tuition:

Your scholarship application was submitted successfully. We will contact you shortly to let you know if your application was approved. 

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